Approvals and certifications

Viking Cylinders products are built to exceed the international standard for composite cylinders (ISO 11119-3). In the United States and Canada, our products are built and evaluated according to standards and approvals granted by our special permit and equivalency certificate, which is required because existing U.S. and Canadian regulations do not contain provisions for composite cylinders.

United States

DOT Special Permit: SP12706


Transport Canada Certificate: SU-5931  (It will be necessary to enter the number 5931 into the search bar in order to be directed to a copy of the certificate)

Approvals and standards for Viking Cylinders

ISO 9001

Quality management system covering all processes and ensuring traceability

ISO 11119-3

Specification and test methods for composite gas cylinders

EN 12245

Transportable gas cylinders, fully wrapped composite cylinders

EN 14427

Design and construction of transportable, refillable, fully wrapped composite LPG cylinders

ISO 11623

Periodic inspection and testing of composite gas cylinders

EN 1440-2008

Periodic inspection of transportable, refillable LPG cylinders, equipment, and accessories