In the woods—or on the water—propane powers your outdoor activities

Viking Cylinders are ideal companions for your next excursion!

rv camping marine fiberglass propane cylinderIf you like spending time in the great outdoors—whether it’s camping, RVing, boating or another kind of outdoor fun — propane can make that time better in many ways.

Propane makes cooking and grilling easy on portable grills, marine stoves and camp stoves. It makes tailgating easy and fun since you don’t have to worry about the smoke and mess of a charcoal grill.

You don’t need hotels and B&Bs to travel in comfort. Instead, you can use propane to power your RV’s heating and cooling systems, as well as appliances such as water heaters and refrigerators. Propane tent heaters keep your tent safely warm when the temperature drops after sunset. Keep bug bites at bay with a propane-powered insect trap.

Whether you’re looking for a propane tank for marine activities, RVing or camping, you can enjoy all the benefits of propane and combine them with a user-friendly experience, with our lighter and ergonomic composite propane cylinders.

We are the only composite cylinder company in North America.

We are the world leader in composite cylinders, with more than 20 million made to the highest standards for quality and safety exclusively at our state-of-the-art plant in Norway. Our cylinders are used by some of the largest fuel and retail businesses in the world. You can trust that they are safe and well made.

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