Propane helps to enhance your outdoor cooking

Viking Cylinders provide user-friendly fueling solutions for your grill or other outdoor kitchen product.

grilling cooking lightweight propane tankDo you grill with propane? If so, you know that propane offers several advantages over cooking with charcoal.

For starters, it’s so much easier. In fact, all you have to do is turn on the supply valve, turn on the burners and, in a few minutes, you’re ready to get grilling! With charcoal, you could be waiting a half-hour or longer.

Whether it’s a quick weeknight supper or a big weekend cookout with family and friends, grilling with propane gives you the precise, instant temperature control that lets you grill meats to perfection while also grilling vegetables without worry. Foods like fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit aren’t overwhelmed with smoke so their flavors stand out.

Another advantage comes when you’re done grilling for the day: Just turn off the grill and supply valves, do a quick cleaning of the grates, and you’re done! You don’t have to wait for the charcoal fire to die down then have to clean up the messy ashes.

Propane powers not only grills but also a whole host of cooking products, including pizza ovens, roasters, stoves and cooktops. You can make cooking with propane even better by using a composite propane cylinder from Viking Cylinders, the world’s leader in quality, reliability and safety.

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