Waves lapping at the hull. Sunlight bouncing off the water. Freshly caught fish grilled up and waiting on the deck. This moment is powered by Viking Cylinders.

Wet or dry, Viking Cylinders is your best option for portable propane fuel. Lightweight, translucent, and completely noncorrosive—our cylinders are convenient and will stand up to conditions other products can’t. Let Viking Cylinders help you take your propane gas anywhere you need it to go.

Stop trying to keep your propane tank dry.

Our cylinders are completely noncorrosive—they’ll stand up to all the wet, salty conditions you need them to without rusting or breaking down.

Never accidentally run out of gas.

Our cylinders are translucent, so you can always see the level of fuel remaining and plan accordingly.

Lift it effortlessly.

Our cylinders are lightweight, so anyone can lift and move them easily. Never bring a heavy, cumbersome tank on board again.

Focus on safety.

The wide, stable base will help prevent the cylinder from tipping over. And our cylinders will not explode in a fire, so you don’t have to be concerned about something happening to your family, friends, or boat.