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22-pound vapor


Manufacture Date:  January 2023

The 22-pound vapor cylinder is perfect replacement for most RV owners. Same height as steel 30lb tanks but weighs 50 percent less. Plus you can see the fuel.  Note: If purchasing for an RV, a new mount may be required. See RV mount/tray


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This size cylinder is commonly used for RV applications. Designed specifically to replace 30 lb steel cylinders found in many travel travelers, toy haulers and 5th wheel campers.  It is the perfect replacement for most RV owners. Viking Cylinders products are lighter, safer and more durable than any other product currently on the market. Since you can see the fuel level you will know exactly how much propane is in the cylinder.

Important information for RV owners
Our cylinders have nice wide base that makes them stable, unlike steel tanks which have a narrow foot ring*. RV mounts vary. If you have a dual mount that holds the bottom ring of a steel cylinder it should be replaced. We offer a dual cylinder mount/tray. Simply unbolt your exiting mount and replace it with ours. Here’s a link to our mount. RVs with single tank mount typically work fine. Most single mounts secure the cylinder with a strap that goes around the cylinder. The existing mount should work fine. For this reason we do not make a single mount.

*The base of our cylinder has a diameter of approximately 11.25 inches. A steel cylinder foot ring is less than 8 inches.

Note: this size cylinder will not fit under most propane grills.

OPD valve
Vertical Use Only

Technical Specifications

Specification22 LB
Propane capacity22 lbs
Propane volume at 60° F5.24 gallons
Butane capacity26 lbs
Water capacity53 lbs
Weight12 lbs
Height22.5 inches (Perfect for replacing 30lb RV tanks)
Diameter12 inches