Technical Specifications

Product Details & Information

Viking Cylinders are available in four standard sizes, with different capacities, dimensions and two types of valves. Homeowners and businesses can identify the correct cylinder size for their needs in the table below.

 11 lb cylinder17lb cylinder22lb cylinder31lb cylinder
Specifications11 Lb Tank17 Lb Tank22 Lb Tank31 Lb Tank
Propane Capacity (lbs)1116.82231
Tare weight (lbs)8.610.21218.7
Water capacity (lbs)27.540.45375
Height (in)15.118.322.528.3
Diameter (in)12121212
Valve typeVaporVaporVaporLiquid

  • Our cylinders are made only at our fully automated manufacturing plant in Norway. The plant is powered by 100% renewable hydroelectric power, and we recycle most plastic scrap from the manufacturing process in-house.
  • Every step, from raw materials to completed product, is done here, with more than 35 points where production data for each cylinder is recorded and stored for complete traceability.
  • This all ensures that all our cylinders meet our high standards for consistency, quality and safety.
  • The pressure vessel is made with an inner layer of blow-molded polyethylene, then glass fibers and resins are wound around the inner layer. A polyethylene casing protects the pressure vessel as well as providing an ergonomic grip that makes it easier to lift and carry than metal cylinders. The casing can be custom-colored for branding.
  • Our durable cylinders come in a wide range of sizes for a wide range of uses, from grilling to forklifts.

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