Safe, lightweight composite propane cylinders

Delivering a higher standard of cylinder to your propane customers

Viking Cylinders is leading the way to the future of propane cylinders in North America. Our cylinders are designed for modern users and suitable for a variety of applications, including both commercial and personal use at home or during leisure activities.

When you offer our cylinders to your customers, you’re delivering a forward-thinking propane product with uncompromising safety, quality and design.

Our cylinders provide unique benefits to users:


Our cylinders’ lighter weight, approximately half of their steel counterparts, is one of their most user-friendly attributes, allowing users easier handling.



Our unmatched safety record is backed by over 20 million cylinders in use worldwide. BLEVE-free, safer to handle and suitable for weather conditions ranging from –40C to +65C.



Our cylinders do not rust nor stain surfaces. They eliminate the risk of undetected leaks and toxic residues from the energy intensive refurbishment process.

rust free


Users can easily see the level of gas and know when it is time to refill, which means they will be less likely to run out of gas, eliminating the need for inaccurate gauges.


Technical Specifications

Our cylinders offer tangible benefits to retailers

As a propane distributor, you’ll receive meaningful benefits by offering our cylinders:

Pricing power

Consumers recognize the high quality of our cylinders. They don’t dent or show visible wear, and their 22+ year lifespan is a major selling point. You can charge a premium rate for a premium product.

Reduced maintenance and delivery costs

Because they are exceptionally durable, lightweight and smartly designed, our cylinders lower your operating costs. They don’t deteriorate and can be stacked more efficiently and safely than steel products.

Increased market share

Customers quickly develop a preference for our safe, light and aesthetically pleasing cylinders. As a Viking Cylinders retailer, you benefit from increased loyalty and word-of-mouth. If you don’t currently offer cylinders — or your selection is limited — you can expand into recreation, RV, hospitality, and forklift markets.

Standing out in the crowd

Customer’s eyes are invariably drawn to our unique, sleek, modern designs. You can strengthen your retail brand by carrying this visually stunning product.

Safety authority

BLEVE-free with a 50 percent higher burst pressure tolerance, our cylinders set the highest standard in portable propane safety. Nothing earns confidence from your customers like being an authority in home and workplace safety.

Available Composite Propane Cylinder Sizes & Uses

Here is our line of propane cylinders and their basic applications:

11 lb cylinder
11 Lb Tank: These cylinders are the most compact ones we offer. They can be used for all portable propane needs. This size is often used for insect traps, firepits, grills, tent heaters and other applications where a smaller and lighter cylinder is preferred.
17lb cylinder
17 Lb Tank: This is the most common size you’ll see at cylinder exchanges as it is used for all portable propane needs, especially BBQ grills. It’s also frequently used for RVing, camping, boating, propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces and firepits.
22lb cylinder
22 Lb Tank: Do you use propane to help power your RV’s appliances, such as the refrigerator and water heater? These slightly larger cylinders give you more propane for those tasks— and all other portable propane uses — while remaining easy to lift and use.
31 lb cylinder
31 Lb Tank: This size cylinder comes in both vertical and horizontal and is used for propane forklifts. Propane forklifts are clean burning, so they can be safely used both indoors and outside and are more powerful than electric forklifts.

Technical information

Are you considering adding our products to your retail catalog? We want you to have all the crucial technical information. That’s why we provide detailed product information that you can easily access.

Technical specifications

Get product capacities, dimensions and connection specifications at a glance here.

technical specs

Product safety information

Learn what makes our cylinders the standard in portable propane safety here.

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