Propane services for the hospitality industry

Discover the Viking Cylinder advantage for hotels, restaurants, caterers and resorts!

hospitality-fiberglass-propane-cylinderPropane is an amazingly versatile fuel that powers appliances in restaurants, hotels, event centers and other hospitality businesses.

That versatility gives your propane marketing business an outstanding opportunity to expand your commercial customer base. Viking Cylinders composite propane cylinders serve many uses in the hospitality industry, and your business can provide customized propane cylinder exchange services to your local hospitality clients. You will be offering a unique product that provides many benefits to hospitality businesses.

Advantages of our composite propane cylinder

Lightweight and easy to use. Thanks to the lighter weight of our cylinders, staff will be able to quickly and easily move and replace cylinders as needed with a dramatically reduced risk of workplace injury. Our propane cylinders are translucent, so employees can see how much propane is in the cylinder and when it needs to be replaced. There’s no need to deal with tank gauges that often give inaccurate readings. Because they are lightweight, our cylinders can be safely stacked for more compact storage.

Unmatched quality. Our entire production process is done in-house and fully automated – starting with the raw materials through to the completed cylinders on pallets ready for shipment. Our cylinders are the most efficiently-produced and quality-consistent composite LPG cylinders in the world.  All our procedures are certified according to ISO 9001.

Branding. You can customize our cylinders with your company colours and logo, for increased visibility with both businesses and end-users.

Lower costs. Because our cylinders are made of composite materials that do not decay or rust, they don’t require the maintenance or painting that metal cylinders do. You’ll be free of the associated costs and time involved with maintenance and repairs, allowing you to provide more competitive pricing that enhances your cylinder replacement service’s attractiveness to your hospitality customers.

Incredibly safe. Over 20 million of our cylinders are in use worldwide, and we have the best safety record in the business. Our cylinders’ unique design allows them to endure a burst pressure that is twice as high as metal cylinders. Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion, or BLEVE, is when there’s more pressure inside a tank than it can handle. Our propane cylinders are BLEVE-free, even in the event of a fire. Instead, the resin burns away, and the plastic shell and casing melt, allowing propane to breathe through the cylinder wall and burn in a controlled manner.

What hospitality applications do propane cylinders have?

Propane cylinders offer a wide range of functions in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses.

fire pit fiberglass propane tankOne of the most visible ways is with outdoor heating. Propane deck and patio heaters provide powerful heating without the annoying smoke of wood-burning heating equipment. Today’s deck and patio heaters, along with outdoor fireplaces and firepits, come in many styles of attractive design and can expand outdoor dining and entertaining service dramatically.

Propane grills are ready to go in the fraction of the time it takes a charcoal grill to be ready. The precise, on-a-dime temperature control a propane grill provides lets chefs grill a wide range of foods. Because propane is clean-burning, foods such as fish and vegetables won’t be overwhelmed with a smoky smell and taste. Propane grills are also easier to care for, and staff won’t have to deal with messy ashes at the end of service each day.

Hotels, resorts and golf courses can benefit from propane-powered landscaping equipment such as commercial mowers and leaf blowers. Our propane cylinders don’t produce unhealthy exhaust like gasoline-powered equipment does, protecting workers and the environment. Propane landscaping equipment is also faster, easier and safer to refuel.

Are you ready to improve your offering to your hospitality customers with Viking Cylinders?