Propane tanks for commercial forklifts

Commercial clients benefit from Viking Cylinders’ lightweight forklift propane cylinders.

Think about all the businesses in your service area that use forklifts. Each one of them is a potential new customer for the commercial side of your propane marketing business.

You can help grow your commercial propane business by offering propane cylinder exchanges or on-site filling for forklifts using top-quality Viking Cylinders. You can provide customized exchange or filling services as well as training, giving your clients support they won’t get from other propane providers. And, because our forklift cylinders can be made in your business’s colors, you increase brand visibility.

What are the benefits of our composite propane forklift cylinder?

Lightweight. Our cylinders are significantly (up to 20 lbs) lighter than traditional metal cylinders. With an empty weight of 18.7 lbs and a maximum weight of 49.7 pounds when full, our forklift cylinders are the lightest available. This lighter weight reduces the risk of workplace injury.

forklift lightDurable. Metal propane cylinders rust. Our cylinders don’t, thanks to the materials we use and the UV additives applied to the casing material.

Easy to use. Our forklift cylinders’ ergonomic design, combined with their light weight, makes them easier to lift, handle, refill and stack for increased productivity and improved operations. The translucence of the composite material allows users to see the level of gas in the cylinder, eliminating the need for—and associated costs of—inaccurate tank gauges. Our forklift cylinders are delivered with an approved valve with a fast-fill connection customized for your market, so your customers can refill them effortlessly in both horizontal and vertical positions at an on-site station.

Safe. More than 20 million of our cylinders are in use worldwide, and we hold the best safety record in the industry. The patented construction of our products allows them to withstand a burst pressure twice as high as metal cylinders. Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion, or BLEVE, is when there’s more pressure inside a tank than it can handle. Our propane cylinders are BLEVE-free, even in the event of a fire. Instead, the resin burns off and the plastic liner and casing melt. This allows the propane to breathe through the cylinder wall and burn in a controlled manner.

Lower operational costs. Since the composite materials our cylinders are made of don’t deteriorate or rust, they don’t need the upkeep and painting that metal cylinders require. You’ll be free of the expense and time needed for that work, meaning you can offer more competitive pricing that makes your forklift cylinder service even more attractive to commercial clients. Because you’re eliminating toxic products from the refurbishing process and saving energy, you can promote your business as environmentally friendly, making your services more attractive.

Quality. You can provide assurance when it comes to the quality of our products because every single cylinder is made at our state-of-the-art plant in Norway with a fully automated production line that is the only one of its kind in the world. Quality is assured throughout the entire production with all of our processes certified according to ISO 9001. We comply with a wide range of international standards and approvals for our cylinders. There are numerous points during manufacturing where production data on every cylinder is collected and stored for full traceability.

Improving your logistics with Viking Cylinders

Propane—it’s the perfect fuel choice for forklift fleets!

Propane offers many advantages when it comes to forklifts. Because it is clean-burning, it can be safely used both indoors and outside, unlike gasoline and diesel powered forklifts. There’s next to zero downtime with propane forklifts. When the cylinder runs out, the forklift driver either refills it at an on-site station or exchanges it for a full cylinder. They’re back on the job in minutes. Electric forklifts, on the other hand, take up to eight hours to recharge. Propane forklifts are superior to electric forklifts outdoors and on inclines, and, unlike electric forklifts, they can operate in wet conditions.

forklift tank exchangeSome businesses that utilize propane forklifts include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Retail, grocery and warehouse stores
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Paving
  • Mining
  • Shipyards
  • Oil and gas production
  • Transportation

Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you get started with adding a Viking Cylinders forklift cylinder exchange or on-site filling to your business. Contact us today to get a quote.