Composite Propane Cylinders For Improved Hospitality Business

Look to Better Manage Your Operations and Bottom Line

composite propane cylinders united states The COVID-19 pandemic brought radical changes to the hospitality industry. One of those changes was the growth of using the outdoors for dining, entertainment space, and events altogether.

And even after pandemic-related restrictions were eased or eliminated, many hospitality businesses embraced the opportunities created using outdoor space.

Many restaurants—whether in the suburbs or urban centers—created covered outdoor dining spaces that could be used nearly year-round. Hotels and dedicated events centers have also taken advantage of their outdoor spaces to add entertainment and amenities that help attract guests and grow their daily businesses.

Propane is at the center of this development thanks to outdoor appliances such as grills, deck and patio heaters, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, and more. Composite propane cylinders from Viking Cylinders allow your hospitality business to easily take advantage of these benefits of propane in outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes.

What makes composite propane cylinders a better choice?

One of the biggest challenges of using propane cylinders in hospitality is that traditional metal cylinders are both heavy and unwieldy. That inherently makes them difficult for many employees to lift and carry to replace empty cylinders in your outdoor appliances with speed and ease.

Alternatively, Viking Cylinders composite propane cylinders weigh approximately half as much as metal cylinders. Their handles are more ergonomically correct. Both lead to the cylinders being much easy to move—allowing for a more streamlined change-out process.

Another advantage our composite cylinders offer is that our pressure vessel—where the propane is stored—is translucent. Employees can easily see exactly how much propane is inside without having to rely on the rough estimate of a tank gauge, or for the appliance itself to run low, or run out entirely, first.

And because the cylinders are not made of metal, you do not need to worry about rust damaging concrete, stone, or other surfaces that they’ll be placed on.

Further, Viking Cylinders are unmatched when it comes to safety. They have a stronger burst pressure than metal cylinders. You also don’t need to worry about boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions (BLEVE).

That’s because, even in cases of fire, our cylinders are BLEVE-free. The composite materials melt or burn away in a fire, which allows the propane within to simply burn off without fear of BLEVE.

Viking Cylinders—leading innovation both domestically and internationally

Viking Cylinders is the North American brand of Hexagon Ragasco, the world’s leader when it comes to composite propane cylinders.

We have been at the forefront of composite propane cylinder technology for more than 20 years; we’re certified in more than 100 countries and have sold more than 20 million cylinders.

You can be assured of quality and safety with Viking Cylinders. Every single one of our composite propane cylinders is manufactured in one facility: Our state-of-the-art plant in Norway. Every step of our patented, automated production process is done here, from raw materials to the finished product.

Constructed with an inner layer of blow-molded polyethylene, the pressure vessel is reinforced by winding glass fibers and resins around it. Additionally, an ergonomic polyethylene casing safeguards the vessel while also making it easier to lift and carry than metal cylinders.

Are you looking to improve your commercial operations with propane? Look to partner with Viking Cylinders. Our advanced products can bring new possibilities to your hospitality business. Contact us today to learn more. We’ll happily provide you a free quote—and will even send you a sample to see the benefits for yourself.