Setting a higher standard of environmental responsibility

At Viking Cylinders, we believe that being a propane industry leader is inseparable from our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Our company (including our parent brand Hexagon Ragasco) holds that we can ensure profitability, growth and environmental responsibility with innovation and world-class manufacturing.

A commitment to our planet’s future

We improve our catalog’s Life Cycle Assessment — a determination of our products’ environmental impact — by using renewable hydroelectric power. Our lightweight cylinders reduce carbon emissions during transportation and their proven lifetime.

And our manufacturing operation is ISO 14001-certified, which accounts for multiple sustainability standards.

Leveraging technology to lower our climate impact

With every day that passes, our company becomes more resource-efficient. Our research & development team is constantly working to improve our products’ quality and reduce our environmental footprint.

This science-based approach ensures that we move toward the lowest possible carbon impact.

Our key targets and ambitions

We are focused on the following comprehensive sustainability goals:

Engaging in a range of projects to explore reuse/recycling solutions for composite waste.

Publishing environmental product declarations for composite cylinders.

Developing an LCA calculator tool applicable to all business areas.

Performing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for different use stage and end-of-life stage scenarios.

Bolstering our commitment to 100 percent recycling of plastic casing waste from our production.

If you want to learn more about our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future, feel free to reach out to us.