About Viking Cylinders

Pioneering composite propane cylinder technology since 2000

We are the North American brand of Hexagon Ragasco, the global leader in composite LPG cylinder technology.

Our mission is to transform the use of LPG into an easier and safer experience for everyone. We have an industry-leading safety record, certifications in close to 100 countries and millions of cylinders sold worldwide.

Our products offer unique benefits for consumers and businesses.

We are passionate about technology. We have automated our entire manufacturing process and offer the most efficiently produced composite cylinders in the world.

Our almost 30 years of experience, along with our patented production processes, ensure that our propane cylinders are of the highest quality. From the raw materials to the final product, everything is done in-house to ensure efficiency, quality and consistency. Being part of a well-established global corporation allows us to provide retailers and customers with the most dependable and responsive service possible.

Retailers across the globe have seen tangible benefits after introducing our innovative products in their markets:

French gas company Antargaz saw brand loyalty increase significantly when they began selling our eye-catching red and green cylinders in supermarkets as The Calypso.

Italy’s Beyfin began selling our cylinders under the name BBox. This gave them a market edge as more LPG users switched to composite products.

In the Philippines, Eastern Petroleum introduced our products as EC Gas. They quickly gained a reputation in the residential market for having the safest, most user-friendly cylinders for home cooking.

Kosan Gas, a Danish company with nearly a century in business, introduced our composite cylinders as Kosangas Light in 2001. The combination of their well of experience and our pioneering product has made them the standard for propane cylinders in Northern Europe.

At Viking Cylinders, we understand the needs of the people who sell our portable propane tanks and the customers who use them. Every day, we work to help retailers improve their market share and brand visibility. We strive to further enhance residential and commercial propane users with a world-class product!